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Dental Uniforms | Dentist & Dental Uniform Clothing

Our dental uniforms are made for private and public dental practices. Our brand site is a official NHS supplier so we know how garments should be made for the medical profession. Our dental uniforms are primarily for dentists and dentistry staff members. However, our garments are suitable for a range of job roles. Our dental uniform range include:

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nursing scrubs

Including dental tunics we also supply scrubs, cardigans and other dentist clothing. With our large selection of dentist uniforms: have a large range of styles, colours and sizes. They are ideal for public and private practices. We supply to many NHS establishments including dental practices.

Most of our dental tunics and trousers are suitable as a dental uniform garment. With suitable colours for the private and private practices. Our dental uniforms are sized for a comfort in a working environment. For more details in on our sizes. See our sizing guide.

To purchase any of our dental uniforms and other uniform clothing. Visit our brand website:

Including dental uniforms and dentist tunics, there are also: