Hospital Uniforms

We supply hospital uniforms and clothing to public and private sectors around the UK. Our large variety of styles allow an excellent choice while working in the healthcare profession. Our brand Rizues is an official NHS supplier. Guaranteeing you high quality uniforms. With our large variety of clothing, there are garments that are suitable for a wide range of occupations. We have supplied our hospital clothing to doctors, nurses, surgeons, care workers and more.

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hospital uniform clothing

We supply a large range of healthcare clothing. Our hospital tunics, trousers and dresses are used but nurses, doctors and medical staff around the UK. We are a trusted suppler in hospital uniforms.

We have hospital clothing that come in a wide range of colours: Our main healthcare tunic is available in over a dozen styles. We supply such variety to give you the freedom of choice when ordering our uniforms. You can have the ideal garment that will match your business.

We size our products so that you have the ideal size when working in a busy environment. For more details see ourĀ sizing guide.

All of our uniforms, tunics and clothing can be purchased at our e-commerce website:

Including hospital uniforms there is also: