Uniforms: Catering & Chef Misc | Chef Uniforms & Clothing – Misc


Poloshirt (R100)

Our polo-shirt is a uniform essential. Suitable for a wide range of businesses and job roles. We have supplied our polo-shirt to a large variety of businesses around the UK….


Teeshirt (R116)

The R116 tee-shirt is a uniform essential. Used in a wide variety of businesses. From medical sectors to salons and spas. The tee-shirt comes in four colours: black, navy, white…


Bib Apron (R73)

Our bib apron is a catering uniform product specifically made for the busy kitchen environment. The big apron has been used be chefs and kitchen staff. The R73 bib apron…


Chefs Kerchief (R214)

Our chefs kerchief is an ideal chefs accessory. Used to complete a catering uniform. They are available in three classic styles. Black, white and blue checkered. The Chef Kerchief is…


Chefs Half Apron (R211)

The Chefs half apron is an essential uniform accessory for the food industry. They have been supplied to many businesses within the food industry. Available in three catering colours: Black…