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Scrub Top – Cross over (R194)

  The R194 uniform Scrub Top is an ideal medical garment. However, it is still used in non medical businesses as well as the standard hospital and health sectors. The…


Scrub Suit (R199)

  Our Unisex scrubs are available in a range of sizes and colours for men and women. The scrub suit comes in over a dozen colours, giving you the convenience of choosing scrubs to match your company….


Scrub Trousers (R198)

The R198 is our  standard Scrub Trousers. They come large selection of colours and sizes. The R198 comes in over a dozen colours. The R198 is suitable for all medical, hospital and business needs….


Scrub Top (R197)

The R197 Scrub is ideal for small and large healthcare businesses. They are a uniform essential in the medical industry. The scrub top comes in over a dozen colours, making it suitable for all medical, hospital and…


Fashion Scrub Trousers (R195)

The R195 uniform scrub trousers are ideal for many medical businesses. they are used in many different job roles such as nurses, doctors, vets and other medical staff. The price…