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Cap (R151)

  Standard head garment for chef and catering staff around a kitchen environment. This professional product is ideal for health and safety and food hygiene. The R151 cap is priced at: £2.95 (ex. vat)…


Outdoor jacket (R506)

Our Outdoor jacket includes a jacket and an inner fleece. Ideal for a wide range of outdoor purposes. We have supplied our outdoor jacket to a large variety of businesses….


Outdoor Winter Parka (R505)

Our Parker jacket is an ideal working coat for a wide range of businesses. This jacket has been used in a variety of working environments. Used by warehouse staff, builders,…


Poloshirt (R100)

Our polo-shirt is a uniform essential. Suitable for a wide range of businesses and job roles. We have supplied our polo-shirt to a large variety of businesses around the UK….


Teeshirt (R116)

The R116 tee-shirt is a uniform essential. Used in a wide variety of businesses. From medical sectors to salons and spas. The tee-shirt comes in four colours: black, navy, white…


Bib Apron (R73)

Our bib apron is a catering uniform product specifically made for the busy kitchen environment. The big apron has been used be chefs and kitchen staff. The R73 bib apron…