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Trouser (R45)

  The R45 is a straight leg trouser. Ideal for working and moving. This item is used in a wide range of businesses such as hospitals, car homes, salons, offices…


Trouser (R47)

Our R47 trousers are a stretch trousers, ideal for the working environment. The R47 trousers are an ideal uniform for a variety of hob roles. We have supplied them to…


Trouser (R43)

  Our R43 is a poly/cotton trousers. This is ideal for medical and non medical businesses. Overall, it is a uniform essential. The R43 trousers are priced at: £10.50 (ex. vat) The…


Trouser – Back elastication (R41)

Our R41 female trouser has a back elastication for comfort while working. This particular product is used in a wide ranges of business roles. The R41 is used as part…


Cargo Trousers – Female (N44)

Our female cargo trousers are ideal for the working environment. They come in a large range of sizes so that you can be comfortable while working. The female cargo trousers…


Cargo Trousers – Male (N63)

Our Male Cargo trousers are ideal for a wide range of purposes. They are ideal for the busy working environment. Our Male cargo trousers have been supplied to many businesses…


Maternity Trousers (R49)

The R49 maternity trousers are the ideal item for a large variety of job roles in the workplace. With comfort fitting and an expanded front – the ideal maternity trouser….