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R7 - Red

Zip Tunic – R7

Our R7 Zip tunic is similar to our R2 but available in further colours that are suitable for medical and non-medical businesses.With a Red option for fashion and style businesses….

R11 - White

Beauty Tunic (R11)

Our R11 beauty tunic is one of our most popular salon tunics. With its modern and sleek look, it is suitable and fashionable for a wide range of businesses. The…


Vichy Tunic (R13)

Our Vichy tunic is ideal for a lot of businesses. We have supplied this product to a lot of businesses around the UK. They have been used by salon staff,…


Maternity Tunic (R9)

Our maternity tunic is allows comfort while working in a busy environment. Our maternity tunic is a uniform essential and suitable for many different businesses. The maternity tunic comes in…


Florentine Tunic (R14)

The Florentine tunic is a stylish and comfortable garment that allows working in a busy environment. The tunic comes in five stylish colours that create a professional and fashionable look….


Salon Tunic (R12)

Our R12 salon tunic is our most popular tunic for businesses in the style and fashion industry. We have supplied this tunic to salons and spas around the UK. Our…


Vogue Tunic (R15)

Our vouge tunic is a fashionable and comfortable garment; ideal for stylists, salon workers and hairdressers. This tunic has been specifically designed with a polyester stretch fabric to allow comfort…


Therapy Tunic (R6)

The therapy tunic is suited for a wide range of businesses. Used in healthcare and stylish organisations. We have supplied the therapy tunic to care home staff, salons, reception staff…